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  • Everything about HBJC is just right – from the beautiful campus to the experienced faculty who made learning a joyride for us – I'm just thankful that I got an opportunity to be here because whatever I am today is because of HBJC!

    Priscilla Nunn, CEO – Your Training Partners
  • Choosing HBJC to pursue my further education was the turning point in my life – I didn't really know learning could be fun until I came here! And today, the results are showing – thank you to each and every person in HBJC who moulded me into what I am today!

    Malcolm Reynolds, Captain – The Serenity
  • The curriculum and other activities in HBJC were designed to get the best out of us – and for what it's worth, it definitely helped. I'm grateful to HBJC for bringing out the creative facet of me which I myself wasn't aware of!

    River Tam, Sister – The Serenity


Eric Kelly

Eric Kelly

Senior Programmer

    With immense scope for innovation and development in this filed, it's my job to bring out the creative side of the students. The joy to watch them transforming from naive individuals to creative, confident professionals is unmatchable.

    Janelle Brandon

    Janelle Brandon

    Graphic Designer

      This is a field with a lot of constant developments – you got to keep yourself updated to survive. This is what I follow, and this is what I ensure I leave back with my students too.

      Hans Desjarlais

      Hans Desjarlais

      Project Manager

        We believe in teaching concepts in a fun, innovative way – students understand it better this way. And every time I hear the success story of any of my students, It gives me immense satisfaction!

        Our Blog


        If you are studying to become a programmer, it is extremely hard to know where to start while selecting from an incredibly large number of programming languages. The most useful among them are C, C++,C#, which is generally not very much touched upon exclusively. There are many online helping assignment courses which are ready to help with c, c++, c# homework help. In this article, we will be discussing these programming languages in detail.

        C programming language

        The C programming language is the oldest and the most widely used programming language which was invented by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. When this language came out, it was the lowest level of programming readability. This was a revolution in the programming operating system forever. C is still the most widely used programming language out of all as programmers still use it in operating systems, kernel-level software, hardware drivers and applications that need work with older codes.

        C++ programming language

        C++ programming was initially developed to be the extension of the C programming language which was created by a PhD student where he aimed at enhancing the C and add objects without sacrificing on the speed. This programming language is considered to be an intermediate level programming language which was developed upon the C level programming language with advanced capabilities. This extremely prolific programming language is used alongside C as a development of operating systems, which makes the language easy to learn.

        C# programming language

        C# is pronounced as c sharp and is a high-level object-oriented programming language which was built on an extension of C. It has a .NET framework which stands as a backbone of the C language. This language complies into a byte-code which executes on a virtual computer which works on the fly. The language adds garbage to the collection, uninitialised variable checking, bound checking by typing the capabilities of the base C. C# is the most technical and complicated of the three languages mentioned as the syntax is less error-prone and can be learned quickly.

        Major differences between C, C++, C#

        C and C++ are very similar when it comes to programming languages even with their differences, but when it comes to C#, it has more common elements with Java. Although C# is technically related to each other, they are still enormously different, but the same background as C and C++ is useful in C# due to their similar syntaxes. The difference between the three similar yet dissimilar languages may give you an idea about choosing the language you can focus on as this will help you save time and start the learning process.


        Writing a research paper is difficult enough but find the sources to write the right good research is extremely difficult. Research is an inevitable part of any college students life as they are essential to help them in their academic career. But how can you ensure that your research is right on track and how can you gather various materials to help you complete your assignment without any glitch.


        The first place you can start with your research is Wikipedia as still many of the topic you are thinking about does not make sense in your brain. It is better that you look upon topics read about their history and learn which route to go about in your research paper. Wikipedia has accurate information about the history and has been tested to be found true. But basing your whole research paper on the information available at Wikipedia would not yield results.


        Digging relevant information requires you to work, and not all the information available on the internet is true. So, go old fashion to sit in a library away from all the distractions and start searching for relevant information. You can give your self a heads up by reading Wikipedia and knowing the basics of the topic. Getting information from the library is overwhelming, but with a little bit of effort, you can easily find success.

        Other resources

        Try to get the most authoritative sources to site your finding upon one way you can do that is asking a person who has some kind of experience in the field. Get as much as information as you can and also makes sure that the information you have chosen is not just cited by you but many others. Also, finding Study resources for college students can be tough, but getting the right service can help you in the process.

        Follow the trail

        After you have found relevant resources finding the sources they are explained upon. This gives an opportunity for the students to help their research paper. Also, if the student is recent, you can also find a video and audio of the research to help them in the process and give them a unique research paper.

        Other sources

        If you think that something is missing and you can help your research by adding other information, it is highly advised that you do. Look into newspaper articles, journal, letter, google, magazine, personal interview, film, TV, videos recording to help you elevate your research paper to make sure that your efforts are good to ensure that your research paper is good. This helps in increasing your marks. Although it may seem hard with the right motivation, you can achieve what you want.

        Best Online Assignment Helpers and Online Tutoring Services

        Online Assignment

        We all know and understand how uneasy and annoying it is to do homework that is given by multiple teachers from multiple subjects. We are in class for hours, and then when we get home, we have to sit and do school work that honestly bores us. Therefore it is indeed okay to take the help of some websites on the internet. When you do choose a site, you can read the description and choose what kind of site you want; this will surely help you decide what kind of assignment you will need from the above website. These sites will also help you with online tutoring as well. If you need help in specific subjects for example statistics these sites can be a great statistics helper. They will have hired some top rated and experienced people to tutor you online, and these people charge you by the session. These services will surely help you do your homework promptly and correctly. Here are some sites that can assist you very well.


        Tophomeworkhelper.com is probably one of the best places to get help for your homework from tutors who can assist you through the internet. You get a student dedicated blog section, and you can even subscribe to the newsletter. Live chat facilities are some important things that you can make use of. And of course, assistance with your homework for more than 100 primary subjects is also available.

        Homework.cpm.org is a site that gives you homework assistance, answers for questions that are gnawing at you and also many e-tools that are incredibly useful. They are known for being amazingly accurate and helpful when it comes to math assignments. This portal allows the visitors to give the e-books that they offer a read and also more information based on different lessons. Digital books help students when it comes to technical information that is required for assignments.


        Myassignmenthelp.com offers some very trusted help, and assistance and they have been doing so for the past 12 years or so. They have assisted over 5000 PhD writers. They offer an interactive and lively feedback section, along with a student review page. They are open to compliments and even helpful criticism. They offer a wide variety of homework samples, and they also offer a lot of scholarship programs for all kinds of students. Their live chat facilities are one of the most sought after and famous features ever.

        Quora.com is a platform where millions of people can easily share their knowledge and offer solutions to problems which people present. Random people will answer a plethora of questions. Most people who use Quora have surely gotten the answers they were looking for. They offer links to trending blogs and also solutions which are bookmarked.

        Building a home- step by step guide


        Building a home is certainly a daunting task. It can take up a lot of your money and time, and you need to make sure that all things are available right on time so that everything will go on smoothly. Building a house is certainly not an easy job, but it is not an impossible thing to do. If you have everything planned and sorted out, you will be able to complete the entire process easily without any problem. We have made things easier and have broken down the steps for building a home.

        Get the right location:

        One of the first things you need to be concerned about is to get the right location. You need land to build your house. There are many things you need to consider before buying property. You need to remember that you are going to be building your dream house in that land and thus you need to think about certain factors like climate, surroundings, availability of utilities, community structure, connectivity etc. Check if you will be able to construct a house in that piece of land without any issues.


        The next step is to design your house. You can design your house by yourself or hire an architect to do it for you. Most architects will have years and years of experience in this field, and they will be able to help you out in the design phase of the house. It is better to hire an architect if you are not a professional and if you are having doubts about the scale to production connection you might want to consider hiring an architect or get help from someone who can guide you in designing your house.



        Most areas require a building permit for construction. To get the permit you need to provide the details of the design of the house, the engineering load your home is going to take, and you also need to obtain an electrical permit, septic tank permit, plumbing permit etc.

        Plan your budget:

        Building a house can take up a lot of your money, and you will never know where all your money went if you do not have a proper plan. Plan out your budget and make sure that you have a constant money flow so that all the construction work happens smoothly. Without having a proper budget, you will not be able to do anything on time.

        Once you have done all these things, you are ready for building a house. If you think you need a professional to build your house, you should hire them as they will know how things work and they will also have people under them who will do the construction for you and you can concentrate on other things.

        Things to know before building a new house


        Building a new home is a new experience, and you will be pretty excited to finally build your dream house. At the same time, it can be a little daunting as it involves a lot of commitment and devotion on building a house. You need to take care of the budget, the materials for constructions, building contracts etc. There are many things you need to know before building a house, and we have compiled some of them for you:


        Get your numbers right:

        Before you start to build a house, you need to make sure if you will be able to afford to finish building the house. Set a budget and analyse the cost of production. If you feel that you are in need of extra money you need to figure out a way to obtain them. If you are planning to take loans, you can visit your local bank and request for a house loan. Consider the cost of the materials needed to build the house, land, architects etc. If you don’t think you will have enough money to build the house, you can consider changing the design plan to a simpler one or find another way to get the money as it will not be good if the construction work stops halfway due to lack of money.

        Check the reputation of the architect you are hiring:

        Getting a good architect for your house will make a huge difference. Check the reputation of the builder, and you can also check with your friends or family members for any suggestions. Ask them if the builder will deliver things in time and if he will not cheat you with the entire process.


        Try to build your house with resale in your mind:

        You should always be mindful of the resale value of your house. Real estate business has always been a good market, and you need to build your house with resale in your mind. Do not overprice your house by adding expensive add-ons of you feel that your neighbourhood is not that good.

        Make your house green:

        It is always better to build a house which consumes less energy. You can save up a lot on your electrical bill. Try to have energy efficient led bulbs set up in your house and water-sense faucets. The more you save in such things, the more you are giving back to the earth. Also, try planting trees and other plants around your house so that you will have a pleasant view and also trees are said to increase the value of your property.

        Have continuous flow of materials required:

        You need to make sure that the materials that are required for building the house need to be available readily at all times.

        How to make your building green

        green building

        All of us know how important it is to save energy. The non-renewable resources are slowly depleting, and if we continue at this pace, we will not have enough energy for the future. The term “Going Green” has been trending all over but many fail to understand the real meaning of it. Going green is when you lead a sustainable life where you efficiently use energy. Only when we have a balance in the ecosystem, we will be able to lead a sustainable life. A green building can also be called a sustainable building, and it is usually built in a resource efficient manner.

        Some of the main objectives of a green building include:

        The green building has to be built in a way that it protects the people who are staying in the building. It should not contain any hazardous materials which will harm the health of the occupants in the wrong run.
        It should be built in a way that energy such as water, el; electricity and other resources are used efficiently. The overall impact on the environment must be reduced, and it needs to have satisfying spaces.



        Site sustainability:

        A green building should be built in a sustainable location such that it does not cause any harm to nature. There should not be any impact on the environment while building a green building. For example, there should not be any trees cut down to build the building or any chances for soil erosion due to the construction of the building.

        Using water efficiently:

        Green building should be built in such a way that it uses water efficiently. One should consider using rainwater for landscape irrigation and not use potable water. The building needs to use recycled water to flush toilets and should also have water control fittings.

        Using energy efficiently:

        The building must be built in such a way that it gets maximum daylight. So that there wouldn’t be a need to switch on lights during daytime. Painting the walls of the building green will help in cooling the building, and thus you don’t have to use additional coolers to keep the structure cool. The property needs to have LED lights so that the energy consumption is lesser when compared to other lights. Having solar panels on the roof can help you save a lot of energy. If the building is located in a place where there is sunlight throughout the year, then it is a must to have solar panels installed.

        Eco-friendly building materials:

        There are many building materials which are hazardous to the health, and it also causes harm to the environment. It would be great if we could stop using such materials for construction purposes.

        Steps to Become a Construction Contractor


        The primary job of a construction contractor is to plan, supervise and inspect various construction projects. The construction projects can include residential buildings, commercial buildings and other governmental/public works. The construction contractor is also responsible for getting all the permits to build a structure. They need to ensure that they have the necessary licence and permits to go ahead with the project. As a construction contractor, you will have to travel to a lot of construction sites and check if all the things are properly done. The job can be a bit stressful as you have to keep moving around to get things done. But if you like dealing with construction work, then it can be a real treat for you.

        The following are some of the steps to become a construction constructor:

        Get an associate’s degree:

        Students who have completed high schools should get into a degree program which deals with construction management or technology. There are several institutes that offer such courses, and you will roughly need about two years to complete the course. If you are planning to take up construction management programs, it is also adviced that you learn other things such as algebra, safety practices and other related subjects. If you want you can also get a bachelors degree which will be a four-year program. It might give you an increased chance to obtain a job, but all employers do not require it in this business.


        Get a position in construction:

        Once you are done with the learning part, you need to get hands-on experience. To get this, you will have to obtain a position in construction. You can look for employment opportunities in construction-type settings so that you will learn how things are done on the site. You can work under the general contractor or the construction contractor and learn from them directly. No matter what you have studied, unless you have the hands-on experience, you will not be aware of the real deal.

        Get a license:

        Depending on the state regulations you will have to obtain a license to become a construction constructor. The requirements might vary from state to state, but it is better to have a license.

        Constructor contractor:

        Once the education, hands-on experience and the license are obtained, you can finally become a constructor contractor. Most try to start their own business and work independently some join with other established companies and work for them. You can choose which is the best for you and act accordingly.


        It is always good to be certified at what you do. Though it is not a mandatory thing to be certified, it is an added benefit. You can consider doing certifications such as Construction Management Association of American or American Institute of Constructors which is recognised all over the country.

        Things one must know before starting construction work


        It is necessary to ask yourself what your needs are. Begin with a short rundown of things that you need for the success of the task. Do you have a particular spending plan or time period that must be met? Do you have a particular vision of what the end result should be? Here are few things to keep in mind before starting construction work.


        1. Who will take care of the project? You need to find someone who knows the work and understands and caters to your need. Picking the correct general contractual worker will be the most vital thing you can do to accomplish a quality result for your plan construction plan. The main advantage is that hiring a good contractor will help you look at every single detail, to its perfection.


        1. Create a schedule such that it allows the entire team to follow a fixed routine that does not function to their flexibility. This allows you to keep a check on how far you have completed the project and what changes need to be done in order to make work better.


        1. What issues or barriers should you anticipate? It can be of various kinds. All the more reason to hire a contractor, so as to look over and find out even the tiniest flaw. It could be anything, such as, if there are enough funds to finish the project or whether it is battling with climate or different forms of protection that is required for the process of construction. It is important always to be prepared for any sort of damage that could hamper the progress of work. Being prepared for such calamities can ensure a smooth flow of work that is done effectively and efficiently.


        1. Insurance is a vital part of any construction. Safety and protection for yourself and your workers. Ensure that all workers are insured and taken care of in terms of their health and basic necessities in the field. Health is another vital part. The area of construction should always be hygienic and up to personal standard level. A messy work territory could spell similarly messy outcomes for your task.


        1. Another one of the main things you ought to consider is whether your contractor can give you all that you require in-house, or whether there will be a requirement for subcontractors. This will help bring out better outcomes to the project since you are aware of all the workers involved in your construction.


        1. Make sure that your contractor understands what both of you are saying. It is necessary to be on the same page when it comes to important matters. Noting these inquiries can enable you to abstain from enlisting somebody who could be a con or somebody who claims to know the work but actually doesn’t.
        2. In the end, quality workmanship is a fundamental need in terms of any construction plan. Ensure that the work done is to your expectation and perfection.



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